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We have soccer training programs for all ages, wages and skill levels.

Soccer Training Programs

All our soccer training programs focus on providing our youth with the experience and knowledge to fit in comfortably into any competitive role. Our coaches work with you to create a program that best fits your needs based on your skillset.

Basic Development Program

The Basic Developmental Program introduces the sport of soccer to players of different ages through themed training sessions. The core focus is laying the groundwork for each player's technical, physical and mental drive to play the game at a competitive level.

Young soccer players learning the drill with Toronto Futbol Athletic Advancement.

Developmental Soccer Program

The goal of our developmental program is to enhance our players' basic skills. We do this by combining unique soccer games with drills that work on dribbling, shooting and passing. The Developmental Program is also a positive start to our players’ journey in this team sport. We aim to shape their awareness around what it means to be part of a team.

Competitive Training Program

In our competitive training program, we carefully select players that have had previous experience with the sport and place them in smaller groups. In these groups, we are able to focus on training that builds on each individual’s needs more efficiently. This training is designed to grow our players’ tactical decision-making in a more physical environment.

1-on-1 Soccer Training

Our 1-on-1 soccer training programs are tailored for all player levels. We add a personal touch to every session for all levels. We offer 1-day, 3-day and 5-day sessions. We cover Technical/Game Awareness, Communication, Tactical/Strategy and Fitness.

Girls Program

Our TFAA Girls Soccer Program was created for participants of all skill levels. We support our girls by teaching them to learn and gaining experience from each other in a competitive environment. We have seen a core group of young women from the Regent Park area join. This has grown to pull in more women from all around the city of Toronto. We are bridging the gap when it comes to affordable, accessible soccer for this for girls in the Toronto area.

House League

We enjoy hosting our House League welcomes players of all abilities to enjoy soccer in a fun, team-oriented environment. Designed for children, it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and a passion for the game. Join our community for an exciting soccer experience!
Futbol For All!

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Competitive Soccer Games

Our competitive soccer programs are for advanced players. We work with players to enhance their skills and physical fitness. We also strategize and practice key formational tactics used at a professional level.

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Developmental Training Programs

Our Developmental Training Program is tailored to smoothly transition children from beginner level to competitive play. Focusing on skill-building, confidence, and a deeper understanding of soccer, this program is ideal for young players eager to enhance their abilities

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Single child dribbling a soccer ball.

Financial Support Services

We strive to make our soccer programs accessible to everyone. If you have any questions please ask!